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Global Drink Service GmbH independently purchases raw materials for products of the ANKLA group, as well as third parties. The products are concentrates, additives, sugar, preforms and other packaging materials etc.

Global Drink Service GmbH is an independent purchasing organisation and therefore can apply a purchasing advantage to the prices it charges its customers.

Global Drink Service GmbH also serves all the ANKLA group's German customers.

Ankla group

Ankla groep
Global Drink Service Gmb (PLE) is part of the Ankla group.
The Ankla group consists of Private Labelling Europe BV AKOM Ankla Oldenzaal BV and Global Drink Service GmbH.

AKOM Ankla Oldenzaal BV

AKOM Ankla Oldenzaal BV is an international supplier of fruit juice and fruit nectars, non-carbonated soft drinks, squash, vitamin drinks, sports drinks, ice tea, smoothies and so much more. With over 30 years' experience we know better than anyone what is important to you, the customer, in retail, wholesale as well as the Out–of–Home channel. We export to diverse countries including the Netherlands Antilles, Suriname and West Africa. The German market is served by our sister company Global Drink Service GmbH.

Our range consists of the Tasting Good, Fruit Action, Sun dOr, Niederrhein Gold, Bertrams and Glockengold brands. We also supply Private and Fancy Labels to various companies at home and abroad.

Private Labelling Europe BV

Private Labelling Europe is a joint venture between the ANKLA group and one of our production partners in Germany. The production location is situated less than 130 km from our head office and distribution centre and the production planning is managed entirely by Oldenzaal.

Here we produce carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, mineral water and squash for the European market. The production location has its own mineral water source with an extremely low sodium level. It is even suitable for use in baby food.

This collaboration enables Private Labelling Europe to produce and market brands and private labels quickly, flexibly and in a cost efficient manner. Private Labelling Europe can also develop recipes according to customer demand.

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Global Drink Service GmbH part of the Ankla group group